You won't have the last word


Suddenly, I am not too sure.


Well not if I have anything to do with it


You definitely don’t have anything to do with it


nah. you wont. i mean you’d have to be really really bored to keep this schtick up.


You underestimate the power of the 9-5…


and I’m back to have the infamous last word! HA! You thought you’d won didn’t you Arps! HAHAHA


I wasn’t entirely convinced


But when does the game end? If there is no end then who can have the last word? The person who doesn’t get bored to easily? This could go for years!:joy:


It could do, but isn’t that somehow the beauty of the whole thing?


Most definitely! Just need another few people to keep the game going and flowing.


More chance of winning with less people :smiley:


Less people? Bah we can’t have that. The word of the day is daffodil. But will it be the last word? I doubt it. Did I even spell it right? I doubt it.


aardvark’s love lemons for breakfast!



That is the last word.

It’s Kentish,

I have no idea who Kent is.


Kent? Clarke ennit Puggers? We love Clarke Kent & zyxt would make sense! He’s from Krypton! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh no I…Won’t? :rofl:



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Bird is the word. Bird.


But what bird? An eagle :eagle:? A cardinal? A penguin :penguin:??


I have lazer knees that help me fight swarms of bees.