You won't have the last word


I mean it! I have the last word.


Oh I will!!! :smile:


Maybe needs a bit more encouragement…


Still winning :joy:

“Here is the rest of my 20 characters to post the line above :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can’t believe of 27 views, only two competitors are here, it’s like they’re scared or something


Well there’s only going to be one winner here!!


There really will only ever be one winner, and that is chicken dinner.


Surely it’s the recipient of the chicken dinner rather than the chicken dinner itself?


Did someone say Chicken? :rooster:


Yeah but it’s misleading, there isn’t any


Here is Chicken!


Chicken poop in your coup!
Clean it up you little schmuck!


Here you go :rofl:



:joy::joy::joy: now clean it up before it goes hard and starts to smell! We are running a clean forum here! :joy::joy::joy:


Moderators probably do have the last word, to be fair



When does it trust us enough to get rid of the 20 character minimum post haha!


I’m not sure but that would make this thread far too easy


zymurgy, Is the last word!

Well it’s the last word in the English dictionary. lol


I’m sure I could have the last word because I could shut this post down as soon as I do a post!:joy::joy::joy:


Ha! Word!
… Ow I need more words. Well oke :+1: