We The People - Mission statement - please read!


We The People - Mission Statement

We The People started out as a multi-genre event, going against what had become the norm at most other events and promoted by Caine of Elation fame. After the coming together of ideas with Elation co-promoter Ponder and former Elation co-founder HB, we decided to take the event down a new route. We decided to become a central platform for modern high-tempo Breakbeat music. Whether that be Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Jungle, 94/95 sounding hardcore or anything else that fits, a complete break from the current uk hardcore scene which had previously shunned this branch of the music.

With the events we want to support the labels and artists who are releasing this music, providing them with an outlet to showcase their output. We want to build a community from the ground up of like-minded ravers, DJs, producers, label owners and promoters, all working in unison to grow the scene, to provide a low-cost entry point for people new to or unfamiliar with the music and to have a fucking awesome event full of fantastic Breakbeat-lead music!

But, obviously, we don’t want to be throwing money at this which we never have a chance of getting back, because that means fewer/no more events and that doesn’t benefit anybody.
This is why we all need to come together for the love of the music and to form a platform on which we can try and grow. We will support the artists and labels if they in-turn support us back. If we have a good event we can pay the artists more, if not then we will cover travel costs so nobody is out of pocket. If we don’t stick to this model then there is no future for the event and, therefore, no dedicated platform for the music. Emphasis has to be on keeping the entry costs down so we have a better chance of encouraging in new listeners to the music, after all, most uk hardcore or DnB ravers will never have even heard of breakbeat hardcore. If your label and artists are interested in joining us on this mission then please express an interest, we want to push as many people as possible!


I would love to be involved in a future event :slight_smile:


I find it impossible to get gigs in Scotland nowadays. Id love to be involved.