Various Artists: Rebel Alliance EP (Jedi Recordings)


Four 92-94 hardcore and jungle style tracks, you can see full details or buy it here:


You should buy this one. It’s got some very good tunes on it from KeeZee, Worldwide Epidemic, DJ Jedi and some geezer called Breakbeatscientist. :smiley:


Its a fukkinnn monster this ep!!! get it NOW!


Love this release. Great collab EP.


I have something slowly coming together for Headwound Manaia Tia. A little bit more anarchic compared to my other trax. Dub/jungle/hardcore/D&B soundbizness! Hope to get the track ready for mixing down later this week (depending on how I get on with clearing up the flat!). :slight_smile:


excellent news! Headwound posse form like Voltron and defeat lame fauxcore !! more news at 11!