Various Artists - Calling The Hardcore - Volume 2 (12" Vinyl Triple Pack)


The next Triple 12" Vinyl Album on Rave Radio Records (Plus FREE mp3 digital tracks too) featuring 12 brand new and exclusive breakbeat hardcore/jungle techno tracks.

Artists include: DJ Seduction, Ron Wells, DJ Jedi, Luna-C, DJ Junk, Insane & Mind, Try Unity, Vinyl Junkie, DJ Nee, Damage Inc., Tentun, Dave Skywalker and the artwork illustration by Junior Tomlin.

Head over to the RRR website for more info and pre-order your copy.


Looking forward to this. Big release!


Super excited to get my copies of 1 & 2! :smiley:


Am being careful with my cash (future flat move and baby on the way!), but will be pre-ordering this soon as payday hits! :):sunglasses:


The first one was great, Grabbed the second. Great tracks and artists on this.


Check out this cool and creative preview article on the release.


Top in the game once again man!
From the opening Luna-C track to the closing & good surprise- feature of this compilation, DJ Nee, this 12tracker is what’s all about Hardcore today, what’s all about Brighton’s massive Calling The Hardcore events!

All visualized by Junior Tomlin… You don’t need anything further. Sure score!:heart_eyes:


woah! well done!! Keep the Fire Burning!!


Vinyl has arrived and now in stock! :+1:20190508_145726|374x500


The legend behind the artwork of both 2 volumes of Calling The Hardcore being interviewed by Brighton based B1N mag.

Props to Junior Tomlin!