Trigger Happy Vol.2


Trigger Happy is an artist putting out their own music & it rocks!
Trigger Happy Records
Trigger Happy Vol.2
4 track Ep but all tracks are untitled
Digital Ep:-


Got both there releases so far and I’m really waiting’ for more! Love the happy oldskool vibe


…Just had a listen, each track i listened to passed the ‘goosebumps all over my arms’ test :grin:


One of my favourite releases in the last year.


Yup cracking release ,as is volume 1


Yes, yes, B1 especially for me! wicked release!


Could not agree more, Both EP’s are quality. Really hoping for Vol 3


Same here, vol 3 can’t come soon enough…


Very good! In my top 2018.


I’ve featured “Volume 2” on my Top 5 releases from last year for many many reasons.
First of all it’s a quality dish of catchy happy breakbeato vibes that will lift you up and secondly I’m in great contact with the man behind, who’s apparently keen on what he’s been doing and Hardcoreholic as well. Fair enough to support something real and underground which makes it more real?! Maybe :grinning:

All in all, both volumes are amazing. Won’t say that it captures 1994 because it’s fresh made and it’s present’s Hardcore.
Gotta say that it’s all about some sophisticated releases that getting quickly sold out. So lucky anyone who owes a copy :facepunch:


Top release indeed, I missed it at first, but luckily a mate gave it to me at my birthday last year :grin:


Love all of these!

Shame I’m too late for the vinyl :sob:


Ayyy~!!! I just snagged both volumes mint off of Discogs!!!