Tim Reaper: Dead & Buried EP


PARALLAX RECORDINGS is proud to kick off 2019 in style by welcoming the one and only Tim Reaper for his Parallax debut. ‘Dead & Buried’ has been turning heads everywhere it’s played with its lethal combo of horror samples and crazy mentasms. Although ‘Journey To The Moon’ doesn’t feature any horror samples it’s just as pitch black in feeling: relentless beats, heavy sub bass and rushing synths combine to guarantee dancefloor detonation. To balance the darkness Tim also drops the positively uplifting ‘Dope Break’, which combines rough beats with melancholic melodies to deliver enough punch to light up any peaktime floor. To close the EP in style Tim supplies a thundering remix of On 1 Crew’s ‘Bad Dreams’, an obscure little number that LTJ Bukem used to play in '93 and which was the first release on Parallax back in 2016. Tim flipped it in no time at all, effortlessly delivering this nutty jungle techno beast. Enjoy this ‘terror brought down to earth’!

The tracks on this vinyl are:
A1: Dead & Buried Listen
A2: Dope Break Listen

B1: Journey To The Moon Listen
B2: On 1 Crew - Bad Dreams [Tim Reaper Remix] Soundcloud

All tracks in one album are available to listen to on Soundcloud.

All music written by Tim Reaper between December 2015 and November 2018. Mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven. Artwork by vali NME Click.

IMPORTANT: Please note this release will be available as a pre-order in order for you to secure you a copy in advance! The full release will be shipped in the last week of February 2019.

For more information on the artist, label and mastering, please see the following links:
Tim Reaper on Soundcloud.
Parallax Recordings on Discogs
Ten Eight Seven Mastering on Discogs
Ten Eight Seven Mastering Website


This is a really great release and comes very nice sleeve too. Next week I’m going to ‘acid a go go’ a party in Nijmegen (Netherlands, in Brebl, awesome venue btw) Tim Reaper is booked, so I’m pretty excited.


A fantastic release!



Absolute belter of an EP this one.
Well worth a purchase for your collection.

Hope to see more of these releases!!!


got it on last week, wicked stuff!


You know my love for “Journey To The Moon”. Propa bluudclart jungle techno, a la Dark Horse Records! Can’t wait for this nasty slice of darkwax to arrive.