The current state of VJing


Hey guys,

if you currently frequent any small or larger raves could you please tell me how the current situation of VJing is like?

I personally didn’t participate in many events and what I’ve seen so far is a bit underwhelming. Even extra booked VJ teams just delivered looped pre-recorded videos which barely reacted to the actual musical structure.

I’d love to hear from you if my experience is missing something here. Feel free to provide some footage (e.g. a recording on youtube) :wink:

Of course, large-scale events are on a totally different level, please ignore them for this thread.


Some mates of mine have a pretty nice visuals studio, they use different kinds of equipment. Like just beaming but reacting on the music, really nice LED installations and video mapping. They sometimes build nice structures where they beam the visuals on.

I feel like the rule is how bigger the rave/ act is, how bigger the visuals are.

The nicest visuals I’ve seen at a rave where from aphex twin and Andy C

My personal preference btw is just a dark room with lassers en stroboscope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


The Studio Randy stuff is on a really professional level. And yes, large events have ridiculously professional VJing going on, that’s why I wanted to exclude them in this thread :smiley: Also, in many cases where I see recorded footage of large events it seems that most of them are pre-planned so that music and visuals always fit.

Yeah, a dark room, strobe only (and maybe some glow sticks) are great :slight_smile: