Switching off badges nonsense


Is there a way to switch off this badges nonsense?
I have used the interwebs before, I know how to set a link, use an emoji or cunningly quote somebody’s written musings.
I kind of expect this of other forum members, too.

And I certainly don’t need others to see my badge achievements.
“If I want a rush, I just get out of a chair when I don’t expect it.” (Dylan Moran)



I dunno, but I just got 2 badges for this response, @Nevis-T


Thanks @chrissy :thinking:


Somebody’s earned their emoji badge :sunglasses:


Gamifying the forum experience might even be THE solution for social media killing it :smiley:


As a wise man once said, “…So?”


Dylan is a great comedian, black books is phenomenal!

Also I just earned 3 badges for this @Nevis-T :laughing:


haha nice one :joy: I wonder how many this will be


That went well :man_shrugging:

Can somebody move this thread to the “nonsense” subforum, please? :wink:


I quite like the badges. Gives me a sense of achievement for the day :joy:


I :heart: :badger: s


I’m pro badger Nevis and so should you be :roll_eyes: