Stormtrooper Recordings 25th Anniversay Release


The next release on Jedi Recordings will be a joint release with Stormtrooper Recordings for their 25th anniversary. This is going to be a bit different from previous releases including merchandise and prizes so it’s not quite ready to put up for sale yet. I’ll put sound clips etc up soon,but for now you can read a bit of history here:


This will be amazing I’m sure.
Miss the old record shop days, spending your wages on a Saturday, getting to know the shop staff so they sorted you out and kept a copy back for you. Great days and hope they return one day!


Loved the blog post, I always love reading these kind of stories and it’s something I wish there was more of. Looking forward to whatever form this release takes :slight_smile:


Part 2 of the Stormtrooper Recordings 25 year anniversary blog post series is now live, with more rave history and sound clips of the release! Check it out here:


Nice bit of background on the label and looking forward to the release!


Great read, do enjoy a bit of history like this. Sound clips are awesome. Top release.


The vinyl is now up for sale here:

Check out the various bundles including slipmats, t-shirts, CDs, stickers, and order before 1st June to be entered in to a competition to win a Stormtrooper Recordings BMX!


And sounding brilliant! Nice one Ed and all involved.