So out of curiosity


What would you guys say is your favorite era/style of Hardcore and some favorite labels?


Early 2000s of Raw Elements if I had to choose


1993 all the way. The fact that you had 1992 style stab fest’s mixed in with pitch black darkcore, super slick jungle techno, the emergence of drum & bass and ruffneck jungle nailed it for me. The stylistic progression of the music from 01/01/93 to 31/12/93 was absolutely insane.

For me anything that captures that 1993 melting pot of ideas is a must have.


I’ve been into hardcore since late 91 & have a massive affection for all 90’s hardcore but 93/94 breakbeat tops the list for sure. Saying that I still think that 92 was the best year in the 90’s! Not just the growing sound as it went from acid house to rave to hardcore rave & then on to breakbeat hardcore you still had all them sounds & influences in that 1 year, I think you can hear them influences in mine & Luna-C’s first joint ep on Kniteforce last year. KF85 - Luna-C & Lowercase - The Heavy Beats Ep. Incase you was wondering!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still, the best era & the 1 that can still make me rush with excitement is the 93/94 style! The hefty breaks, chilling vocals & orchestral sized pianos get me going for sure! Out of all the new old skool that’s being made that’s still what I gravitate towards! That’s why I have spent the last nearly 3 years building a radio show around that sound! I do love a lot of other styles which you can clearly hear in my shows but everything, wether it’s 140 rave or 215 breakcore or anything in between, has that underlying breakbeat!


Forgot to say about a label!:joy: Basically anyone that puts out energetic breakbeat music gets my vote! Raveskool, Ravestomp, Jedi, 4 The Core, Future Breakz just to name a few but at the top of the pile is the oldest & longest running label in rave music & if you’ve seen my leg tattoo then you’ll know, Kniteforce!:heart_eyes: That includes all the sublabels!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: