Second hand Vinyl for sale section


What do you think? Maybe an studio / dj equipment for sale section too?


I would be interested in that, just saw your post after writing this.


Good Idea me thinks…


Make it happen please :slight_smile:


We can see what can be done! It would be nice to have a safe place to buy & sell but there would have to be rules! Like, no stupid pricing like eBay & Discogs! No buyer/seller abuse for petty things, sort it out in private! There are other things also but you get the general idea!


Other forums, e.g. KVRaudio or watch forums, usually have a “private sales” subforum and a pinned “feedback” thread therein. Membership for a certain amount of days plus a certain amount of posts are necessary to post offers there. This could be etablished by a fitting badge here (cannot believe I found a good use for these dreadful badges).
So trust could be established by positive feedback.
As usual, “buyer beware” applies in all cases.


@Nevis-T you love the badges see!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: