Radio Shows/podcasts playing new Hardcore and Breaks


What shows are out there showcasing all the new stuff that is being released? I have found the DJ EZC Podcast , specifically the Raving Breaks shows are new stuff. What else is there?


Kniteforce Radio has a lot of the new breakbeat hardcore out there, especially the KFR Promo Show on Saturday evenings. The Lowercase has posted his last 2 shows in the music section. They are YouTube links so you get some pretty lights as well as the audio.


Thanks, I’ll check that out.


You can check out my show as well mate diving into promos and strictly nuskool hardcore GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] :wink:

Noteworthy to mention also The Lowercase & all Kniteforce Radio crew, as well as DJ Bagpuss, Nastysquad, Insane & Mind, Kushti


@gl0wkid Cool. When is it on? Do you post the shows on soundcloud or similar? Can’t always listen live.


I’m having some occassional shows on Kniteforce Radio since last year due to busy schedule but one way or another you’d find all of my shows right in here
and check out the Topic I’ve posted on this forum:

Doing a “Keith Flint” tribute tonight (9pm UK TIME) @ Kniteforce Radio, right after The Lowercase “Promo Show”