Ponder - We The People Promo Mix


35 minutes of (mostly) brand new Drum & Bass and stuff. Check it out!


Damn I do love that first track Pondz mate! Out of the 4 tracks I made with Luna that 1 means the most. I had been sat on that vocal for a long time, it was the last track that Luna & I made together & it was also the 1 that I had the most input on. A few people had asked to remix it but I was happy when you said that was the 1 you wanted to do for the Triple Threat bonus ep. Shane probably told you that I hoped it wouldn’t be a freeform remix! Lol. What you done instead is summat you should be proud of & I play it regular still & will do for years to come! I played it as my last song at the Scarred Digital party I played at last Xmas & will be doing the same next week! I am truly gutted that I won’t be able to come to your event next week! Would of been nice to meet you, some others & see Alk & Dave again. Your next event please don’t clash with summat I got on! Lol. I would of done the 210 mile round trip if I weren’t playing here & letting them use some of my laser equipment.


Great tracks and solid mix there Pondz, Big up sir!


For sure, love that track, the original and remix. Real anthem :raised_hands:


Solid DNB mix, nice one man