Other Genres section?


Can we get a section for other Genres? I know we all came here for the Breakbeat Hardcore but a general other Genres section may be worth having? :man_shrugging:t2:


This site isn’t just for breakbeat hardcore but the whole old skool resurgence. It doesn’t matter if its breakbeat, dark style, happy or bouncy, all is welcome and is a platform for people who may not of heard of some of the other labels putting out music. Most will know that Kniteforce & the family of labels are releasing but do they buy Jedi, 4 The Core, Calling The Hardcore and so on? Hardcore is the smallest genre in the rave marketplace and the old skool hardcore is even smaller still, because it is so fragmented. We are here to bring them fragments together. We are not a house, drum & bass or pop music forum, they have enough of the marketplace as it is.


I am with K-B’s suggestion.
A small “other” subforum would not hurt. Where else would I be able to ask Alk-E-D about UK ragga or give information about early 90s German techno classics?
It’s not about the place, it’s about the people - and they are here and happily discuss a broader horizon while still sharing hardcore roots and love.


Sorry Nevis but this is Hardcore Tunes, not any other style tunes. Hardcore is a massively broad term that incorporates a lot of styles and yet we are still the tiniest genre in the scene. We are trying to highlight our very little bit of the scene! All the other styles have enough of the metaphorical pie as they are more mainstream & played/used in the mainstream media. They have their place, yes but that is not here. Sorry


I now know how you think about these things. Thanks for that!


@Nevis-T you are taking things totally wrong. It isn’t that we don’t like any other genre because obviously we do, many forms of Rave music both old & new but they do not and have not allowed Hardcore in their pages, forums, webspace. Drum & Bass will not even acknowledge that it came from Hardcore! House, Trance, D&B, whatever genre will only highlight their section of the scene. House & Trance will go together because they are part of the same. D&B will go with Jungle also but neither will allow Hardcore of any kind in! They are all massively popular genres as they are radio friendly or soap opera friendly but hardcore has never really been that and has always been shunned by all other genres. Everything has its place but unfortunately their place is not here.


I agree. We are definitely all here for the Hardcore and this forum should first and foremost be for hardcore, but hardcore has lots of roads into and out of it, taking influences from every other genre of music. A few sub forums could be good. For example as @Nevis-T says, information on a 90’s German techno track could lead to a new hardcore remix being made or discussions in them could be scraped by search engines, leading people looking for something related/unrelated to hardcore ending up in the forum and discovering what is happening in the scene today which could equal new ravers.


I expect the more generalized “music” forum will serve this purpose.


Not if you read the above:

So I have now started to flag my drum’n’bass related posts as off-topic for this forum. Shame.


You can stop (we were wondering about that lol). We talked about some site-related stuff last night, including this specific thread. The Music forum is for everything, hence why it’s the Music forum and not the Music That Is Hardcore and Nothing Else forum.

What we DIDN’T want, was having things like trance or whatever in the releases section. That’s solely for hardcore and hardcore-adjacent genres (and DnB falls under that).

You’re free to talk about whatever genres you like in the Music forum. It’s fair game.


Sorry didn’t mean to cause any trouble :see_no_evil::joy:


Lovely, thanks for that :+1:

Excellent. That’s all I wanted - spark the conversation that seemed needed before more people felt alienated by this obvious misunderstanding.
Thanks again! :slight_smile: