My personal "90s techno influences" - some nostalgia


Hi all,

Some of you may know: I have always enjoyed variety in my music collection.
So I thought I will give you a little insight in some of my favourite 90s techno records.

Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen (Doremix Records, 1990)
I am not sure about which label originally released this one. I only know it originated in Italy. And at the time of writing, this almost celebrates its 30th birthday. Which is the unbelievable part for me.
It still sounds good today. At the time I did not know there was a lot of sampling going on. But still today, it is mind-boggling to me “how did they do that in 1990?”.
Sample sources include Human League, Siouxsie and the Banshees and vocals from the German punk “godmother” Nina Hagen (hence the title of the track).

Have a listen on YouTube:

CJ Bolland - The 4th Sign (R&S Records, 1992)
A techno LP? Yes, indeed. And what a collection of anthems it was at the time. I think every track got played. Because it was so diverse, most people found tracks they loved. Harder style - play “Thrust” or “Spring Yard”. Bleeps and 303 - play “Inside Out”. More early trance - play “Camargue” or “Mantra”.

Have a listen to “Camargue” on YouTube:

Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (Attack Records, 1994)
Nothing prepares you for hearing this one loud in a club for the very first time… I still remember to this day the rave I was at when this got played and and the dancefloor erupted.
One of the finest tracks perfectly playing with tensions, 303 and more agreeable synths.

Have a listen on YouTube:

The Aztec Mystic (DJ Rolando) - Jaguar (Underground Resistance, 1999)
This one came out of nowhere and hugged everybody into being the unanimous anthem of 1999. The most tension laden strings since “Strings Of Life”, soothing harmonic plucks, always driving.
The funny thing was, this track was played by both house and techno DJs alike.
The less funny thing was that at the time, the track became so successful so quickly, that a major label wanted to cash in on that success. When UR, being UR, ignored requests for licensing, the major in question commissioned a cover version to release and siphon off the original’s popularity. A :poop:storm followed and the major caved, not releasing the cover version. But another major then picked it up and released it despite what happened before :man_shrugging:
I remember listening to Sven Väth’s regular Saturday night live radio show (“hr3 clubnight” :de:) where he picked up the topic and said something like “don’t buy the cover version” live on air.
Enjoy the original:

Have a listen on YouTube:

If you’re interested in more of my completely subjective music history, let me know… I could do Eye-Q and Harthouse for example?


Great post. Every record mentioned is a total jam.