Liquid - Space Monkey


The latest ep from one of the original kings of rave bought to you by the longest running label in rave history! What am I talking about? The double disc ep from Liquid on Kniteforce of course! So far this has been 1 of the fastest selling records since Kniteforce returned to vinyl releases so if you want it you best be quick!
Kniteforce Records - KF92
Liquid - Space Monkey Double pack Ep
Track List
A1 - Good Love
A2 - Monofunction
B1 - Ghost Shadow
B2 - The Habit I Can’t Quit
C1 - Clerkenwell Sound
C2 - Illicit
D1 - Lovesick
D2 - Double-Ended Dub
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An absolute quality work again by Liquid, running a very prolific period since 2017 with lots of tunes and releases. Certainly something golden for your collection and this time more breakbeats than ever :wink:


Just got my bundle in the mail a couple days ago and this release is WICKED!


Wonderfull release! Arrived last week and listened to it every day, whole day. Get your copy!


Even my cats are down with the Space Monkey jams. And though it’s no surprise really, Spacemonkey (2x12") pairs perfectly with Energy Flows (3x12") which gives you 5 12"s of pure Liquid 145-150 perfection.


and obviously more to come … :grinning: