Kniteforce Radio Promo Show 71


The Kniteforce Radio Promo Show hosted by The Lowercase, episode 71 from Saturday 24th February 2019. Live stream recorded on YouTube. Now in 720p HD, formerly 420p. Featuring future releases from Alexander Norman V’s Whizzkid, Al Storm & Diakronik, Pete Cannon, Liquid, IdeAlz, Dj Revive, Jack In Box, Ant To Be, Paul Bradley, Wislov, TNO Project, NP Source, then recent tracks from Doughboy, Shadowplay, Fracus & Darwin, Bucksta, Disrupta, Alex Jungle, Abyss & finally Swifty. Great music, lots of jibber jabber & some of the best jokes this side of the Milky Way!:joy:
Watch here:-


Nice! Will watch this later @ work :smiley:


Top man Matty.:grin: Thank you & I hope you enjoy.:+1:t2:


all true except the jokes part :):grin:


Dunno what you mean Sunny mate! My jokes at the best in the galaxy & the only reason anyone listens to my show for sure!:joy: The Ant on a Tank will always have a home on my show!:joy::+1:t2: