Kniteforce Digital (The Missing Release?)


Hey All, I’ve been tidying through my digital files and ripping my KF CD’s in preparation for having to box my tunes up (moving house). Anyways, going back on track. I was going through the Kniteforce Digital back catalogue and discovered that there doesn’t appear to be a KFD16, with a gap between Jack Spibey and the Kniteforce Sampler Vol. 1. Anyone know what happened, or is it a SECRET???

Yours, perplexed!


This was quite simply because Chris forgot. :joy:
He had made tracks that was destined to be KFD16 but switched it up somewhere else or lost it or ended up using it for a Superset or something crazy like that.
I hope that clears it up for you, you are not missing an Ep.
As is the way with KF it may get released in about 4 years or something crazy like that! :joy::joy::joy:


I wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly cropped up to surprise us in the near future.
Was great revisiting some of the old tunes on KFD. The DJ Shadow sampling ‘Idealz Anthem’ was a real doozey, as was Luna-C’s ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Smells Like A Lawsuit’!!! :smiley:


Now that I have seen this, i will make a special KFD16 CD asap…
I did forget. I am old.


Since we’re on the topic of things that should exist, the Kniteforce skate video with a skate rock/metal version of ‘Piano Progression’ said to be by Luna-C and Kingsize…what are the chances of this seeing a vinyl release (at least a 7")?