KFD28 - Paul Bradley - Rocket Surgery Ep


Everyones favourite Northerner, Paul Bradley, is back once again with an ep on Kniteforce Digital, Rocket Surgery. This time he’s gone way back to the early days of Hardcore Rave music with a 1992/93 inspired flavour. Breakbeats, pianos, dirty basslines, beeps, bleeps & hoovers a plenty topped off with some female & ragga vocals. As always with KFD this is a 5 track ep on a super limited cd or WAV & MP3 bundle. Being 5 tracks Bradders wasn’t prepared, usually does 4 track eps see, so he had to call in some back up from the man like The Lowercase! :rofl: Don’t let that fool you though as it is still an amazing ep.

Bladders cd here:-

Or get it bundled with Bucksta here:-

The WAV bundle lives here:-

The MP3 bundle resides here:-


Still some left guys, grab 'em while you can :slight_smile:


Its so good!!!