KF96 - Hyper-On Experience - Keep It In The Famliy Ep (Remastered & Reimagined)


Next up for the mentalists who don’t want the Super Duper bundle is the next ep! Who’d of thunk it eh?!:smiley:
The Keep It In The Family ep has had the same tender loving care that Fun For All The Family received! So incredible need Remastered tracks of the original tunes, Assension (To The 9th Level), Imajika & The Threshold Of Sanity but with the added bonus of a Luna-C remix of A Certain Emotion.
This & KF95 - Fun For All The Family ep are just the beginning of the Hyper-On fun to come so you best hold onto your knickers because Kniteforce is gonna be ripping them off faster than this fat bloke can eat a cake!
These are pre-sales but the expected due date is only the 11th June.

For the world from Bandcamp:-

For our American chums:-