KF95 - Hyper-On Experience - Fun For All The Family Ep (Remastered & Reimagined)


Don’t want the super duper mega mind-blowing bundle but still want the vinyls? Then here is where you need to be!:slight_smile:
The first ep is Fun For All The Family & yes it has been remastered from the original DAT’s for the discernible ear of the 21st century. Not only does it have the remastered versions of H.E. Anthem, The Frightener & Another Rave it also has the incredible remix of Watchusnow by the 1 & only Liquid! Yes I said Liquid! As in that Liquid that brought you Sweet Harmony & more recently The Still Liquid ep & Space Monkey ep on Kniteforce Records!:smiley:
These are pre-sales but the expected due date is only the 11th June.

For people who are not American buy from Bandcamp:-

For all the Americans buy from the revolution site:-