KF radio chat issues


Hi all,

I simply cannot log into the KF radio chat on kniteforce-radio.com using Twitter.
I tried various machines, browsers, settings - to no avail.

I know this should be the feedback forum for this very forum, but I thought as IT for both is the same… maybe somebody can help me out here?

I receive the following error page just by clicking on the option to log in via Twitter.


Easy @Nevis-T, this forum technically isn’t anything to do with Kniteforce & has no affiliation to KFR at all, other than users. :grin: I know yesterday half the internet was iffy, especially facebook & it’s offspring. Now, KFR IS IN NO WAY attached to facebook but it does have the sign in option with them so that may have caused issues on a larger scale, as in for anything that uses their sign in system. Another thing that points towards the lameness of facebook.


Thanks. That’s what I already wrote.
Still, the admin is the same.
But I now know how you think about these things. Thanks for that.

I never mentioned Facebook.
But I now know how you think about these things. Thanks for that.


I know you didn’t say anything about facebook but KFR uses their so called easy log in system, with facebook being out of commission it possibly had a knock on affect on everything it touches! God damn facebook, ruining everything!:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


The chat is provided by a third party.

Let me know if it’s a persistent issue, and we will contact them.


I haven’t been able to log into KFR via twitter for about 8 months or so (I just use a dumb variant of some inside joke I think Thibor and I I have but then find out he has no clue what I’m talking about)? I’m pretty sure it’s a security issue on twitter’s end and lots of ‘internet stuff’ just doesn’t allow twitter logins. I could be wrong and like I said I looked into this eons ago. Twitter has always been fairly lax (or had said reputation) regarding security…but I mean come on, what’s the worst that could happen, am I right?