Just for shiggles, what's everyone's favourite (active) Kniteforce family label?

  • Kniteforce
  • Knitebreed
  • Kniteforce Again
  • Remix Records
  • Malice

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I chose KF but I’m about all of them. I’m not super familiar with Malice but some of my favorite releases in Hardcore have come from each of the other labels.


Kniteforce will always be king, but I have been very impressed with the releases on Knitebreed since it started up again. I love hearing releases from some newer producers and some of my favorites have been:

TNO Project - This Gen E Ration
Sunny & Deck Hussy - Only You
Paul Bradley - Our Time
Wislov - You wanna stay
Ant to be - Adventures of a Soundbwoy

Quality stuff.


love everything kniteforce related but you got to love the new stuff and all the new producers flowing through always smashes the airwaves apart on my radio shows