Is there an app for that?


As above, is there an app we can use to use this site? Always handy :slight_smile:


There is no reason too. This site works excellent in mobile browers. Its actually more optimised to mobile than it is desktop.


As Jay said. This site is very mobile friendly but not 100% of things are available via the mobile version but damn near all. :+1: :muscle: Just save the site to your homepage on your smartphone to get that easy access.


@HardcoreTunes Out of interest, what forum software is this?


@Jay tbh I have no idea, I just work here. :joy: We have a tech guy that does all the techy bits.


Discourse 2.1.8


There is a ‘discourse hub’ app available, it’s pretty much just a browser though… Although it is handy if you want a few discourse forums in one place…


Just downloaded. Works a treat ty.
I just prefer an app than using the web browser. :+1:t3: