Introduce yourself!


Hi! I’m Evan/freakio_nutbutter/lego. I used to promote and DJ out in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but now I just collect hardcore vinyl (mainly new stuff) and play the odd gig in town.

Love the new stuff coming out recently on the hardcore/jungle/techno fronts over the past few years. REALLY digging the stuff produced by Tim Reaper, Worldwide Epidemic and Alex Jungle at the moment!



I’m Margaret. Occasionally write music as Serenity. I love all breakbeat and piano led music. :slight_smile: Glad to see some familiar names and emojis from the Kniteforce forums.


Hi. I’m a Breakbeat/Hardcore and Jungle fan from Brisbane, Australia. I started going to parties in '94 and have been buying tunes and mixing for fun ever since. Glad to be on board. :slight_smile:


25 - Chicago-ish, Illinois. Producer/DJ - Happy Hardcore & Breakbeat Hardcore as AoS.
Huge music production nerd. I love all kinds of hardcore across the board pretty much!


oi farkin oi! (can i swear on here?) cool site :sunglasses:

dj carrotkore from northern california representing the sacramento area and children of the nite sound system :grin: i like the late 2000s-early '10s happy uk stuff. i also produce some riffy cheesy hardcore in the same vein under a bunch of pseudonyms for a homebrew “label” called outt-a-choon (oac for short) and i am part of a fictional associated dj crew called hare-brained deejayz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I LOVE SUPERSAWS


Hi There,
I’m Jake, I’m not a Producer, but I’m trying to learn a bit about music software, I got into Raving around 1993 - 94
I was really into Hardcore Punk and couldn’t allow myself to get into rave music on principle, seeing all my mates become ravers was a bit of a shock.
The strange thing is that I only got into Hardcore Rave about a year ago, Suddenly realised how much I like the sound of oldskool, and while looking for some new music I came across Saiyan & Cru-L-T, The finest fuckery available and Back To the Midskool, I was blown away and now It’s what I mainly listen to, I love mixing, Even if it is mainly digital these days, still got my 1210’s though.


Hi, Ben Venom from the UK (near Nottingham), hopefully most peeps here know me :wink:
Been Djing since early 90’s , producing on and off over the years…got some new stuff coming soon!

Massive respect to Chris,Shane and all the Kniteforce crew! :slight_smile:

Toodle Pip


Hey everybody im Clayfighter from New Mexico. I produce stuff for kniteforce and deejay at parties sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi I’m EK. Hardcore DJ from Ohio. Hoping to get in on some exciting new KFA!


Hi I’m Crossie and I wanted to say “Hi!” to everybody I haven’t seen in years.



it’s-a-me the MK2k from Leipzig/Germany. I love this underground music, the people, the involvement and the overall positive vibe.

I run an FM radio show in my home town - currently a bit on hiatus but it will never die :wink:

Great choice of using Discourse as the “forum” technology btw.



Leon here… 47yrs old basket case and ex 4 aces (Labrynth) regular …seriously trapped in the early 90s loved the scene through to 95 when it all went pear shaped and the break beat vanished from Happy Hardcore.
Loving the new old stuff keep it up chaps…
Some of my thousands of favourite tunes are
Macka brown Dub plate style
Hyper on experience Lord of the nul lines
Liquid, liquid is liquid remix.
Foul play finest illusion
Satin storm think I’m going out of my head
Babylon timewarp Durban poison
D living why…
Etc etc…


Mr. Arthur presente! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey All, I’m Liz from Maryland. Been meaning to post in here for a bit, but just getting to it now :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the history of rave music. I love hardcore. I love vinyl.

I also grew up using rave forums, so this is rather rad. I’ve seen classic hardcore revival labels/remasters pop up here and there on Beatport and Soundclould, but it’s nice to have a place for all of them to be consolidated together/ for people to talk about em.


Lovely idea innit? I can’t wait for it to pick up steam and popularity.


Hey gang,
My name’s Damon, from California. I produce under the name VITALITY.
I always love finding sounds that get me charged up!!
That’s what pulled me into the music, and that’s what pushes me to create my own.
There’s more magic out there. Let’s find it. :wink:
Ready to discover some new sounds.


Hi all :wave:t2: Stefan aka what the username says! :laughing: I dj, not as much as way back when. Used to hold a residency at Doncaster warehouse back in the day! :v:t2: Been hardcore since 91. Digital not vinyl these days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hello dj mannik aka cuggy from toronto. started djing hardcore and jungle 20 years ago,


I’m Steve - fan of the old skool 92-95 sound in particular and very much enjoying the new music being produced in that style. This site is a great idea. Also run