Introduce yourself!


hi, chrissy, formerly chrissy murderbot, i make & play a bunch of different types of things and am mostly on here to browse for new tunes to buy :grin:


Hi I’m Ryan. I love everything Hardcore and make mixes for my Soundcloud page. Great idea this!


Hi, John here and I wish there was a better breakbeat hardcore scene Lincoln way on :joy:


I am Stuart from Aberdeen, Scotland. I am an occasional reviewer at the Strictly NuSkool Blog and hobbyist hardcore/jungle producer (more like sample-pusher!). Good to see a new hardcore forum that’s concentrating more on the newer rave flavas! :smiley:


Hi all! I’m Orestiz and i love you.


I’m Alex aka Beats Are Broken…
i’m from Brazil and love breakbeats…
I try to produce some songs in my free time …
Greetings everyone!!!


Heloo. Viljar aka. dj stunfisk. Taking care of hardcore not dying in Estonia :estonia:.


Hi everybody ,I’m Andybreakz, I love old skool,nu old skool,hardcore breaks ,happy hardcore,jungle,hardtek,jungletek with a bit of frenchcore and i play on KFR Sunday’s @7pm :grin:


I am new to this.
According to my forum badge, I am “basic”. Aim low, let’s keep it that way.


Hi I’m Luke, otherwise known as Stammers or Khyzer Zuke. I do semi regular guest mini mixes on Kniteforce Radio and produce hardcore and multi genre mashups as well. I even mash up hardcore. And occasionally potatoes too. That is all.


Hello everyone!

Brent Sin here! I’m horrid at production but I’m learning, however what I lack in that arena I make up for in sass and DJing with my vinyl collection that is currently mostly Cheese and early 2000’s Trance-based Hardcore. That said, I’m currently working on building up my collection of Breakbeat Hardcore, both the old stuff (originals or represses, I’m not picky as long as I have it) AND the new stuff from KF, Rave Radio Records, and anywhere else I can get tunes from. :slight_smile:


Evolutionize here! Co-owner of label Choppin Proper Records and hardcore producer/dj


Hey all, I am Nick and i hail from Kansas City. I dabble in all things hardcore/hard dance and dnb/jungle. I’m a loveable asshole or at least that’s what I tell myself.


Hi All!!!
Manaia Toa here outta Wellington New Zealand.
Repping Momentum Crew collective here and my own Vinyl Label HEADWOUND RECORDINGZ!!!
love it!


Hi all, Started raving in '89. Love the older stuff but finding myself listening to mostly newer releases. Been a lot of good tracks out recently, hardcore will never die hey? Thank you to all the artists!


Hi, Vali NME Click = spoken Vali Enemy Clique from Berlin. Playing and collecting Drum&Bass, Hardcore and Jungle since 94, mostly with my other 3 NME Click compadres. But also run parallax Recordings, a small label (re-)releasing Hardcore Jungle that sounds or is something from 91-96.


Greetings fellow Hardcore heads. Just to say hi and all that.
Dream FM Dj since the 90’s and producer and still at it even tho grey is appearing in the beard for the love of the genre :blush:


Hi some people say my only flaw is that I’m just too much of a perfectionist, but I always say “no ones perfect lal” though as a very layered and subtle person I sometimes rub people the wrong way so please, to avoid any awkwardness, just let me know how to rub you. LAL@!


Hi I’m an avid old skool fan but I am also loving all the new old skool tunes that are coming out recently not a professional DJ but do love banging the tunes out


Hi wonderful people of a wonderful new webhome. :heart_eyes:
Bad at introductions but let’s say I’m a kid that glows especially the last decade & simultaneously with anything raising around Hardcore Rave music. We’re both hand in hand living our neverending adventure, which happens to be my daily basis.

Your good friend Peri is here to cover the magic of Hardcore Breakbeat revolution via Strictly Nuskool Blog or #GLOWBUZZ or Generation X [RadioShow] :sunglasses: