Introduce yourself!


Manf. / Unsubdued. Ancient KF family member.

This guy is old school too (for those who remember):



Kaytaro aka Anders. I play music and hoping to produce something’s for the label :slight_smile: I’m an avid gamer and nerd as well.


Hi I’m Pressa. I make and play an amalgamation of Hardcore, Jungle, Techno, Bass and Breaks. I run an event called Subsidance just in London at the moment and present the Subsidance show on Sub FM every 4 weeks :slight_smile:


hey hey, I’m Ruud from the netherlands. No producer, no famous DJ, just a big hardcore, breaks, jungle fan / collector. I love to spin those new (vinyl) releases for friends and on party’s though.
So nice to see a site where I can check all the releases from multiple labels.
Luna-C tipped this site, thanks.

Nice onee


I am Q from the UK


You may know me from websites like Kniteforce Radio and FaceofBook,What a fantastic idea and site this is. Hurrah very loudly!

Look forward to watch this grow and being involved in chit chat


Yo! Most of you know me already!

Bang Face resident, Endor Recordings owner, Kniteforce Radio DJ, blah de blah de blah… :stuck_out_tongue:


I pretend to be Ant To Be every other Wednesday :slight_smile:


Hi! oooh I do love a nice active forum !

My name is Simon… I co-promote Distant Planet events with my partner Louise +1
I also DJ with Louise b2b sets and we are huge vinyl collectors!

Check out our site for general info and party stuff -
also check our youtube channel for interviews, dj sets and features -

Safe ravers !


Hey :slight_smile: Genki here from KFA. Good to see all the familiar and new faces alike. Cheers :slight_smile:


Howdy all, you can call me Oki!
I enjoy long walks through the rave, and I enjoy long talks, while at the rave, where I only see your mouth moving, but I have no idea what you’re saying! :smiley:

Hahaha, really, I just like making music. And pretty much any kind of electronic music is life for me (besides the normal stuff, like my lovely family and friends, etc, haha) and any music under the hardcore umbrella is my freaking life-blood! :stuck_out_tongue:

BBHC and Freeform are my current producing endeavors! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi All.
I’m Sasha Kstenin aka Ant To Be, dj & producer from Russia, also from Kniteforce / Knitebreed camp … and something else =)
Glad to be here! Have a nice day! =)



#yolo :rofl:


Hi! I’m Matt, longtime raver, DJ and hardcore devotee. Oh, also, I help with the IT for this site and kniteforce radio.


KF radio chat issues

Scuz, Happy Hardcore 'n Breakbeat enthusiast, reporting in.
If the track has piano and/or vocal I would probably Like it.


Hi i’m Pugsley, but you can call me Pugsley.

I used to tune pianos.


Hi All.

Im the face of 4 The Core Recordings, Fantastic idea this.
Looking forward to seeing this grow and will fully support!

Thank you for the tracks added already.



shakes booty uncontrollably


Hello :slight_smile:


Kieran (KB) here from London!

This place looks pretty sweet! Shall be spending my spare Office time on here browsing all the quality new Tunage! :smiley:



I’m Sixty, I’m 33 and one quarter and I like percussion.
I think this forum is a great idea.