Introduce yourself!


Hi there! I’m Audio X, ne’er-do-well and general miscreant from KFA Records. Welcome to this here site here! Tell us a little about yourself and some of your favorite tunes!


Scartat here! I…do…things…


Doughboy here! I like to put trap beats on pretty vocals.


Empyreal here! I put strings on everything and I like cats.


Half man, half synthesizer checking in


I’m The Lowercase, I’m lower & a case! I love piano driven breakbeat hardcore! I run Kniteforce Radio & host the Kniteforce Promo Show on said radio.


Mr Luna-C at your service!


Hi, here’s Lukas aka TNO Project! - and no, I’m not divulging the contraction yet lol :wink:


I’m Ponder and I am a man.



Oh sorry wrong board

I’m Shane, I run labels and play music and make terrible jokes


Edd AKA DJ Jedi. Good to see you all on here :slight_smile:


Hey all - RadioSam here. Excited to be onboard. :+1:


EZ all. Abyss here (Lee) glad to be onboard :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Paul Bradley, I was Captain Triceps on the old forums but that’s a ridiculous name.


Ridiculous name for a ridiculous…
You know the rest!:joy::joy::joy::kissing_heart:


Hello from Sunny Scotland… im the Vibe Controller at your service…or you can call me Kano if you wish. …everyone else does.


Andrew, not a producer (although i grew up with Shoreman, that counts, right?).
Very happy to be hearing all the new KF stuff coming out and I hope to one day hear some of it in a club in New Zealand (it might happen, i witnessed 3.5 hours of oldskool hardcore & jungle at a Techno club the other week…).


Hi I’m David, loving all the new music coming out!


QarlwithaQ here
Los Angeles based
Happy hardcore


Oi oi. 2b Happy here from so cal. My real name is Chris. I like hardcore and hardcore accessories.

I play for scarred digital and they are awesome so you should check them out, but I’m sure you already know about scarred digital. I’ll be starting my Kniteforce radio show back up soon, so check the site out for awesome music from lots of artists and myself :slight_smile: