Hyper-On Experience Super Bundle


The latest & by far the greatest Kniteforce bundle is for one of the great legends in early hardcore, Hyper-On Experience. This is the first bundle featuring 2 eps that are nearly represses of the originals. I say nearly because they are so very different whilst being not so! The original tracks from the first 4 Hyper-On eps have been taken from the original DAT’s, remastered for the 21st & repressed with all the latest technology that the pressing plant has to offer. Then Kniteforce sprinkled some magic all over the place in the form of extra remixes. These 2 eps feature yet another legend in rave that is Liquid & the Bossman of KF & King of the kick ass break Luna-C himself.
Also included in this bundle is 2 super exclusive cd’s featuring even more remixes, unreleased material & alternative versions from back in the hay day or hardcore rave! Yet theres even more! this bundle also comes with an exclusive Hyper-On Slipmat!
These are pre-sales but the expected due date is only the 11th June.

This isn’t just another boring repress, this is remastered, remixes & reimagined!

For even more information read Luna-C’s blogpost here:-

There you will also find some tasty little snippets go things to come!

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