Hiccups 10.-11.03



I did join Sunday night, but never received my confirmation emails.
Going through various email addresses I have available did not change that.
My initial thought was “maybe ‘hardcore’ in a URL is not too friendly towards spam filters”.
But the confirmation emails came through Monday afternoon.

First half of Monday the server seemed unavailable.
But that seems to have been fixed by now, too :+1:


I had these issues also in Monday. All seems good now though :grin::metal:t3:


Me too. Might have been Server load after Luna-c email being sent out.


We are doing our best to stop these kinds of hiccups and it is regrettable, we had hoped that these things had been sorted before we went full live but darn it! New site fighting back! :roll_eyes: All we can ask is that people bare with us whilst we are launching and always check you spam folder. A few people have had that problem! 1st world, new site problems!:unamused::joy:


Thanks for the amazing job “Matty from IT” is doing!


Yeah, we had a lot more traffic than expected, and it actually caused server issues. We upgraded to a larger server, so hopefully the issues will be no more! :slight_smile:


I must say, I like this style, the only real forum I use these days is happyhardcore.com and that’s looking very long in the tooth, this is nice :slight_smile: