Hardcore Breaks


Something I’ve always wondered was what happened to the whole hardcore breaks push from 10 years ago and did it fizzle out. Back in 2006-2007 there seemed to have been loads of vinyl releases coming out from the likes of Enormous Mouse, Hardcore Projektz, Mert, Warehouse Wax, etc but then things seemed to dry up by about 2008.

Was there something that happened or did people and music just move on? From this side of the pond, all I saw was that less and less physical releases were coming out so I just kind of stopped purchasing, apart from Kniteforce related releases.

Any thoughts?


For me it was that nu-rave.com shut down. From that point I found it difficult to keep up with what was happening. I’m sure that there were other factors involved, I think vinyl was getting expensive to press around 2010 and i’m not sure that there were many events playing Hardcore Breaks. I am pleased that this site is here and hopefully can get everyone in this new scene in the same place.


Everyone got in a proper strop about what to call the scene. It was the most childish bullshit I ever saw in my life, and it messed everything up behind the scenes.


yeah, I made a few bits for people back then, the label owners just got pissed about all the Scene crap and moved on, twas a shame.

oh well, back to hardcore :slight_smile:


I love the slower piano led breaks, if people made it (and I had a job) I would definitely buy it. I was sad to see it fizzle out, I had a bunch of the releases too.


I never really felt it that much . I was producing and djing techno and house around then,and never got into it.


Mid '00s was the peak of the HCB, but we can’t skip on major releases the last few years by Sonic Fortress, Peace On Wax, Rave Radio Records, Music Mondays, Trigger Happy, Ravenoyz, Switchblade Digital, Intensive Recordings, MPS Vinyl, Vinyl Fanatiks, Endor Recordings etc. etc.

Vinyl is still out and doing pretty well. There are new labels and good events all around UK, Poland, & Spain mainly and imo all you can do it searching in good places to find how’s still active.
A good place for instance, is the Strictly Nuskool Blog http://strictlynuskool.blogspot.com/ and of course this new forum :wink:


P.S. Didn’t forget to mention the legendary Kniteforce on the labels, cos its self-evident apparently



I was a part of the Hardcore Breaks scene back in 2006 till the “end”. The only reason of the end was the credit crunch in 2008! I had running my own label calls “Dragon-Technicals-Records” with vinyl releases and doing some productions for other labels, promote events in germany with oldskool breakbeat music and I was a part of Breakpirates Radio. The last press of the label was the cutnumber MANNEM 004 aka The Future EP. As the finished vinyls comes from the pressingplant, nearly nobody invested in vinyls. So I sit on many pieces of this nice vinyl. All the other record labels stopped pressing and dissapeard bit by bit. The scene was like killed. WHAT A SHAME! it was a very good and massive time. Many realy good stuff (and many!) comes on vinyl, partys was full of crowd etc.

Hardcore will never die! Peace!


@Evan_J and present’s time off Manheim/Germany is this one where Systec is involved too: https://sirrice.bandcamp.com/album/the-mystic-essence-ep-systec-sir-rice-nftwr-001


You can blame the credit crunch or infighting or branding all day, but what really did the scene in was the death of the internet forum. Facebook came along and centralized EVERYTHING. While that proved to be a blessing for those with the time and energy (and money) to constantly promote, the way the algorithms arrange who sees what made it harder for smaller labels to gain visibility, especially if they are labors of love where the owner has a job that requires their attention most of the time (which was pretty much all of them in the HCB scene if we’re being honest).

Bandcamp has been good for keeping some labels alive but the numbers aren’t anywhere near the same as they used to be, and a lot of that is just sheer lack of visibility.


I really liked the rave breaks sound and bought a load of vinyl at the time (might start digitising it soon actually). I keep trawling the Breaks section of Beatport in the hope of finding a few tunes that capture that same energy. If anyone knows of anyone producing in that style/tempo please do share :slightly_smiling_face:


They were good times. Unfortunately it always seemed a struggle in Bristol to get a good crowd going for the events


I had a few tunes released as Teknotik. I got less involved because:

  • I preferred physical releases to digital and the releases appeared to be drying up.
  • A lot of the music was becoming more “breaks” than “hardcore” and I personally preferred a more authentic old skool sound.
  • I felt my production skills needed improvement and I found it difficult to get where I wanted to be.
  • Dubstep came along and distracted me for a bit!