Get Ya Tats Out! I Said TATS!😂


Does anyone else have rave/hardcore/gabba/drum&bass inspired tattoos? I gotta little summat on my leg for my favourite label but what else does people have?:thinking::grin:
These are just 1 leg, I also have half my foot done but that’s not 100% finished yet & I got the lyrics from 4 songs around my midriff. 1 on each side, 1 on my back & 1 on my belly. I’ll get them pics out later!:joy: I want more added to everything but time & money! My leg will eventually be from foot to hip! The lyrics I want some lovely water colours to highlight it. My left arm is also a throw back to the early 90’s rave flyers covered in fractals & Mandelbrot but that isn’t finished either!:joy:
Anyhoo, here’s my little KF tat!


I’m a bit jealous of your KF tats, I plan on covering my back someday… I think an army of prodigy ants may be next, but for now I’ve just got this metalheadz one…


That main KF section took 80-90 hours to do but thankfully I didn’t have to pay for most of it! It would of cost £4000-5000 alone if I had to! My foot is only 6 hours in & probably another 6 more to go! The 2 on my thigh is about 8 hours but all of them are many sittings & anyone who’s had a touch up, cover up or multi session tattoo will know the pain gets worse every time your revisit it! The blue KFC logo was gone twice, on the back of the knee & fuck me did that ming! There is also an orange logo on the front just under the knee on the shin & that had to be done 4 times! 4 fucking times!:cry: There’s still little bits that need touching up in that 1 but fuck that I ain’t going for a 5th!:joy: I love my KF tattoo & wear shorts for 8/9 months of the year to show it off but I want the rest finished without the pain!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That is some nice work there. The colours work well, especially the striking orange KF Logo with the grass background. How come you didn’t have to pay? I would like to see the fractal one.


I piad £1005 for the hours done up to then & become real good friends with the artist. We share a love of Ska music & have been to a few events together. He also loved the fact that this tattoo was pushing him as an artist, it wasn’t the same old shitty tribal or summit that every c*nt & their dog has! I took the labels & designed a mad mural which he then took & made it awesome. then once it was done he was like it needs more! It needs a background & I looked at 1 of the KF stickers & it had a grassy background so i just let him loose on it! Then I wore socks that showed a bit of uncovered flesh & he was like, now we gotta go lower! Thats when we started my foot! Gotta finish that though but funk me I can only sit for 1.5 hours on my foot!


This is the bulk of the fractal/Mandelbrot tattoo but I’m missing a picture of the inside of my upper arm. I don’t know what happened to it!:pensive: It needs a massive elbow piece & some fill ins to finish it & then it’ll go from my hand/wrist to my upper shoulder including a lot of my armpit!:pleading_face: