Free music from me to you.,, only if you want it of course



So yeah, go wild on it. It does not follow the “convention” of old style hardcore but you know, might be of interest to someone. Might not.

I’ve had a pop at mixing it down, still new to this. Mastering was just a 300hz cut to remove mud and a little boost with a limiter.

Any and all feed back welcome really. :v:


Sounding nice! :wink:


Am liking this. Is a real “journey” style tune. Melodic yet pounding too. Loving the slight touch of melancholia midway, and the flutey pad melody. Top choon! :smiley:


Cheers for the kind words guys, always good to hear what others think :blush:


This is rather nice! Keep up the good work!


Truly Wicked Tune Man : ) Epic