Events section different genres


I think that the events section could be divided up to include other styles of electronic music. I for one like a lot of other music and some of the other non Hardcore smaller events could be useful being listed here. For instance I think that this event Trance appreciation societywould be a good fit for some people on here.


Hi Jay, as I pointed out in the other post about other genres, this is for hardcore & not anything else. Hardcore is the smallest genre in the rave marketplace and the old skool hardcore is even smaller still, because it is so fragmented. We are here to bring them fragments together. We are not a house, drum & bass or pop music forum, they have enough of the marketplace as it is. Hardcore is a massively broad term that incorporates a lot of styles and yet we are still the tiniest genre in the scene. We are trying to highlight our very little bit of the scene! All the other styles have enough of the metaphorical pie as they are more mainstream & played/used in the mainstream media. They have their place, yes but that is not here. Sorry