Early '90s live PA recordings?


As is customary whenever I find myself on a new hardcore message board, I gotta ask…

Does anyone have any live recordings of Messiah or Nu-Matic?

Thankfully, over the years a bunch of rave footage from the early '90s has eventually appeared on youtube… early footage of The Prodigy, Dream Frequency, Altern 8, even recently an old Acen live performance…

But I’m still hoping to see or hear any live recordings of Messiah or Nu-Matic. …someday.

Links… downloads… tapes… Anyone???


Sorry, I don’t have anything from Messiah or Nu-Matic.

But I just found this live PA from Praga Khan and it really made me laugh hard. It’s a great tune, even if the “live” lyrics are properly messed up :joy:


Ahhh, oh my god, I LOVE “Injected With A Poison”. What a magic track.

And the live video is definitely worth it! …realized that I was watching this whole thing with a big, dumb grin on my face - a sign that it’s a keeper. :wink:

Thanks for sharing it, Crossie.