Current state of play for 'the scene'


Within the more ‘mainstream’ and upfront hardcore scene numbers have been quite down over the last few years with regards to rave attendance and presumably record sales with an increasing reliance on classics nights or events featuring lots of classics sets. One reason for this decline seems to be a lack of new producing talent resulting in less new music and not enough of a clear identity to entice people to become interested in the music.

There’s been a few events trying to sort this problem out by working on smaller lineups featuring less ‘scene legends’ and more new artists, for example Whizzkid’s Metanoia event (Kings Lynn) and the recent Midnight Ark (Bristol) both of which had reasonable attendance and seem to be building from the ground up to some extent.

A similar thing seems to be happening with this resurgence of breakbeat driven hardcore which has undoubtedly been led by Kniteforce and associated labels but which has also resulted in other promising labels releasing music too - 4 The Core Recordings, Booyaka & Trigger Happy for example. It’s seems to be happening slightly differently here, with a whole ton of music available but fewer events taking place (Not to forget We The People, though :))

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how things are panning out or ideas on where things might be headed? We’re not getting any younger but I definitely feel like I’ve still got some nights out left in me :smiley:


I can’t really get out much now due to my health, so I know I can’t play much part in rebuilding the actual scene. There’s also an insane amount of misogyny in the hardcore scene as a whole and I don’t really have the time or energy for people who behave like that. Thankfully not from the KF/bbhc lot that I’ve seen, but from some of the old “legends” and many MC’s and promoters. I really hope nights like Calling the Hardcore and We the People grow though. And if there are any summer BBQs I’ll be there happily enjoying the beats. If people work together and treat each other well I think at least small events can continue to be successful, and hopefully grow into sponsoring stages at larger festivals and such. :slight_smile: