Christopher Howell - How To Squander Your Potential (VIP Mix) (Book)


Music Mondays also offer the books in bundles with vinyl, this is 1 of them releases. The book is updated & enhanced to include more laughs & sorrows than the, now sold out, original. This is the story of Luna-C from the early days of Smart E’s, the rise and fall of Kniteforce records to the rebirth and ongoing growth of the Kniteforce family. The book is available on it own or here with a limited 12’ vinyl with 2 previous unreleased tracks.
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Christopher Howell - How To Squander Your Potential (VIP Mix) - The Smart E’s & Kniteforce Story
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Serious question here: why is there not an audio book of this. In the pantheon of all that is Kniteforce, it seems like a no brainer, ie. have Luna-C narrate a book that should be required reading anyway for all who plan on entering the world of hardcore (as a morality tale? a cautionary tale? a lurid yellowback? a coded cipher text involving vast conspiracies and secret societies?). KF could even do an audio book sublabel…get Saiyan to run it, he’s probably looking for something to do. Seriously KF shot callers…think about it.


I mentioned this to him a while back, i think he was just too busy with moving house and kids to put any real time into it. It’s a lot of time to record an audio book.


Yeah, thats the issue. Even if it was just simply reading it, it would take many hours. But then you have all the times when reading that you fuck up. So you have to edit it. Its basically a long process. And at the end of it, how many would I sell? Many “real” authors dont even get an audiobook. It has to be a pretty popular book for that, cos the time / expense vs money back is not good. I am not money motivated, obviously, and I would love to do the audio book. But I cant justify the time spent doing that and not doing other things.