At which point do you go digital in your setup?


Hi all,

I am just wondering what your experiences and recommendations are.
At which point in your production setup do you go from analog to digital?

I am currently struggling with that question for my setup after growing my (hardware) synthesizer collection.
Before, my good sound card with 2 analog stereo inputs and A/D (in max 24bit/192kHz) was perfectly fine, also for every now and then microphone recording.

Now I cannot decide whether to:

  • keep the 2 inputs sound card, buy a good analog mixer with many inputs (all instruments plugged into mixer) and record only max 2 inputs into the existing sound card at the same time - A/D done in the sound card
  • invest in a 2nd hand digital mixer which replaces the sound card (all instruments plugged into mixer), mixer has enough inputs, does the A/D and allows to record multi track into DAW
  • buy a bigger sound card with enough inputs and multi track digital outputs, A/D done in that sound card (all instruments plugged into sound card)

Option 1 would be one of the cheaper two, but multi track recording of many instruments at the same time would be impossible.
Option 2 would be most expensive, but multi track recording would work.
Option 3 would be averagely priced, allowing for multi track recording.

What do you think?
Did I miss anything or is there even a better option without spending incredible amounts of money?


You could also get a patch bay with everything plugged in and just switch over which ones go into your 2 inputs. That’ll cost you like $50, but no multitrack recording. If you’re not doing like live jams, multitrack recording isn’t really necessary anyway. Even the big studios have artists record one track at a time generally.


Now that’s a simple and clever idea.
I will look into that additional option for sure!

Thanks, @Audio_X :slight_smile: