Any London Events / Anyone interested in putting one on?


Hi All,

First time post from an old lurker on Kniteforce/ Back 2 The Old Skool forums in early 2000s.

I’ve been on Chris’ Kniteforce newsletter for yonks and have been mightly enjoying the resurgence of the breakbeat hardcore/ jungle sound I love over the past few years. Nice one to all involved.

It seems that Jungle nostalgia is also the rage in the DnB scene - have been to a few ‘Jungle’ nights recently and been very disappointed. Lots of big names playing a few actual Jungle tunes, then swiftly into Jungle - laced DnB. Also MCs that can’t shut up.

So the question is - can anyone point me in the direction of good ACTUAL Jungle/ Hardcore nights in London that are not ruined by MCs? I don’t get out much so would like to find a quality night when I do!

If not - anyone fancy putting one on? I’ve a few contacts and some great tunes. I’ve run a few charity funk/ Northern soul nights recently and have the bug again…




Hey there Mr Binge … a few things going on for sure … I actually Co-Promote this party with my partner Louise +1 … We are from Acid House to Hardcore to Jungle … not really new DnB or that stuff just the underground oldskool 87-95

Also worth a mention check out Rupture nights and Calling The Hardcore in Brighton

  • Eyeski and Adam (DJ Scatty) are putting this on soon should be fun

If ever you come to Distant Planet come say hi !

Simon :wink:


Yes Simon! Just the info I was looking for. Nice one. :+1:

Both nights look great. I’ll see if I can get down to one or both. :grin:

If you ever get short of DJs (I know - long shot!) I’d love to dust off the ole Ragga- Jungle. Here’s an example mix, although I play a range from 91’ old skool through to breakbeat hardcore and some raggatek.

Boomtown Recovery Session by Mr_Binge on #SoundCloud


Ah safe I will check it out and look forward to meeting you !