2nd hand market places for music hardware


Hi all,

Does anybody have recommendations where I could find 2nd hand hardware like mixers, midi interfaces, synthesizers? :musical_keyboard:
I am especially interested in platforms focussing on Europe (yes, also UK for now) for hopefully cheaper shipping and no tax/customs shenanigans. :eu:

Looking forward to your shared experiences.

Second hand Vinyl for sale section

Reverb is excellent! www.reverb.com I have bought a bunch of gear - slightly more expensive than ebay, but way better all around with quality and people knowing what they are talking about!


Thank you for your recommendation, kind sir. :bowing_man:
I shall have a look :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link Chris!!


I had a closer look at some equipment I am interested in on Reverb (purely hardcore music related, to stay on forum topic).
It seems 99% is sold from/to US and Canada. :persevere:

Does anybody have a recommendation for more Europe focussed market places?




Thanks for the link, @DoNkEy :+1: